A NEW REGIME™ : 'Britain's Premier Diet & Politics Mag'

November 2011 sees the launch of Mark Bedford's new, full colour diet and politics magazine! It has been bankrolled by a Russian oligarch – who wishes to remain anonymous and could lose a few pounds, not only from his wallet but his waist as well!

A New Regime™ will bring you the best in international politics with tips to fight the flab! Take our lead story for November: Let us show you around the beautiful home of the dictator of a small, South American country. He has the novel idea of getting rid of middle-aged spread by making middle-aged people 'disappear'! Fabulous!

In your diet history section, we roll back the years (and, hopefully, the fat as well!) as we help you  to look amazing with the aid of Joe Stalin's Vodka Diet!

Whether you are left wing or right wing, we'll get rid of those 'Bingo Wings'!

Issue Two free with Issue One

(Warning: Your weight can go up as well as down)